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Joaquin (Valencia, ES)
FInally a paperlike feel without a blur efect on the screen!

This product gave to my Boox Note a new life. All screen covers with paperlike feel were adding an annoying blur effect on the screen resolution, which is very sad as you spend so much money for such a device and then you dont see it as crisp as it is without the cover. Totally worth each € I spent in this! And so happy with the tools, wet and dry towels provided which guarantee zero bubbles :) Thanks Doodroo for leting me write like a paper and read with the original crisp resolution!

Jwalant Raval (Sydney, AU)
Screen protector for Ony Boox Lumi

Excellent delivery speed and status update. Product arrived within 5 days in Australia even in Corona days!.
Writing experience after changing to this screen protector compared to supplied by Onyx Boox is like day and night. It feels even more better than remarkable 1. ( I only have remarkable 1 and not 2; so cant compared with 2). It feels quite gritty and like a paper. Applying this to screen is so easy. First time I have applied screen protector without any bubbles or even micro bubbles.

Byron Palavikas (Reservoir, AU)

Screen Protector for Onyx BOOX

Steven Blythe (Minneapolis, US)

I gave it seven stars.

Michal Bochenek

Doodroo's protector advantages:
1. Incredible writing-on-paper feelings (including the sound of drawing pencil on the paper... 😁) . For best result I recommend harder stylus rather than soft one.
2. Along with doodroo protector you get a lot of accessories to install this protector.
3. Delivery within EU was very fast: 3 days after payment.

1. None...