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Edward Crisp
Doodroo Boox Note Air

good product, well packaged.

Worth the price

I applied this screen protector to my BOOX Note Air and I was very pleased with the texture. The application instructions were very detailed and easy to follow. The protector doesn't seem to add any significant glare to the screen and the paper-like feel is a big improvement. Writing and sketching feel a lot more natural and comfortable.

Alex Visconti

great product. easy to install.

Brian Weaver

Screen Protector for Onyx BOOX

Allan Thomaz Stiubiener
Very good paper feel, premium quality, easy application - for Boox Nova3 Color

I finally found a screen protector that has a very good paper feel, doesn't compromise the image or reflex, and, most important, is very easy to apply without bubbles.

I bought a Doodroo screen protector after seeing some reviews. It is a bit pricey, but now I also think it is worth it.

The instructions were easy to follow, and the quality of the installation kit is genuinely premium.

I have two comments though:
1) I can feel that the nib is being more stressed by the friction, and there is significantly more wear and tear. I doubt that you can avoid that, since the goal of the screen is to add this additional friction.
2) The screen covers the totality of the screen. That could've been considered good, but the Nova3 has a discretely taller-than-the-screen bezel, so the applied film created a bubble on one of the corners. I needed to pull it slightly up again, and cut 1 mm (maybe less) to avoid that bezel, and with that, the application looks perfect (only noticeable if someone points out). Since there is a margin that is not part of the screen itself, Doodroo team could cut the screen protector 1 mm shorter, and it would have been easier to apply, I think (though this is arguably my fault).