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Pellicola stupenda, sembra di disegnare realmente su carta

Doodroo Boox Note Air

good product, well packaged.

Worth the price

I applied this screen protector to my BOOX Note Air and I was very pleased with the texture. The application instructions were very detailed and easy to follow. The protector doesn't seem to add any significant glare to the screen and the paper-like feel is a big improvement. Writing and sketching feel a lot more natural and comfortable.

great product. easy to install.

Ottimo prodotto!

La pellicola è di ottima qualità. Risulta relativamente facile da installare. Pur non avendo la stessa 'sensazione' di scrittura su carta, il “feeling” è ottimo e migliora decisamente l'esperienza di scrittura manuale su tablet. Ottimo prodotto. 😄

The best screen protector for drawing

I have draw with the top screen protector, and for me this is the best. Crystal screen is difficult to control with pencil which is very nervous. For me with other brands improve but not enough. With doodroo I have found the best choice and I recommend it.

Screen Protector DooDroo

The best for my iPad pro e apple pencil.

doodroo for iPad
Davide Dejan Rotta

doodroo for iPad

Screen Protector for Onyx BOOX


Appena preso l’iPad Pro non ho resistito ed ho preso anche l’Apple Pencil.
Su suggerimento di un mio collega ho acquistato anche questo fantastico “screen protector”. Da una meravigliosa sensazione di scrittura sulla carta, e da giorni non utilizzo più, com’ero abituato a fare, i quaderni di una marca nota per l’eccellenza dei materiali (inizia per M... e finisce per …skine). Le mie note tutte su iPad, grazie a doodroo.

A tattooer’s dream

This screen cover has transformed my drawing experience and even reduced glare while viewing videos and such. I highly recommend Doodroo!

Screen Protector for Onyx BOOX
Allan Thomaz Stiubiener
Very good paper feel, premium quality, easy application - for Boox Nova3 Color

I finally found a screen protector that has a very good paper feel, doesn't compromise the image or reflex, and, most important, is very easy to apply without bubbles.

I bought a Doodroo screen protector after seeing some reviews. It is a bit pricey, but now I also think it is worth it.

The instructions were easy to follow, and the quality of the installation kit is genuinely premium.

I have two comments though:
1) I can feel that the nib is being more stressed by the friction, and there is significantly more wear and tear. I doubt that you can avoid that, since the goal of the screen is to add this additional friction.
2) The screen covers the totality of the screen. That could've been considered good, but the Nova3 has a discretely taller-than-the-screen bezel, so the applied film created a bubble on one of the corners. I needed to pull it slightly up again, and cut 1 mm (maybe less) to avoid that bezel, and with that, the application looks perfect (only noticeable if someone points out). Since there is a margin that is not part of the screen itself, Doodroo team could cut the screen protector 1 mm shorter, and it would have been easier to apply, I think (though this is arguably my fault).

Greate for Onyx Boox Note Air

The paper feel with the Samsung S6 pen and grey nibb is absolutely fantastic!

Best Paper-Like Screen Protector I've Used

I was a little hesitant since I hadn't heard of Doodroo before buying this product, but I couldn't be happier with it. Easy enough to apply (but on a screen three times the size of a phone) and it feels amazing. I was skeptical of the other reviews that were so effusive of praise, but they were telling the truth. I will be buying another set when these ones wear out.

Best Protection.

I was a little hesitant in my purchase especially when I heard that "doodroo" would be coming from Italy, knowing the quality would be top notch I ordered and waited. The application process was the easiest I had ever completed, and the fit was perfect, I did manage to only have one air bubble (my fault). I love the texture and the sound my pen makes when taking notes and doodling on my Onyx BOOX, if you have a BOOX air I highly recommend this screen protector...!

Get Texture and Good light diffusion

I love this screen protector. I had to pay extra to get it to Oman, as Oman was not a shipping destination, when I bought it. Oman is included now.
The only issue was that I got confused with the terms front and back! Wished if it something like the side faces the ceiling, or anything clearer.
Apart from that , the installation is super simple with almost no residual bubbles. -I first got a tiny bubble, I can't find it anymore-.
The surface texture is prefect and the light diffusion is good.
I recommend this product to anybody who bought Onyx Boox Air and would like to get the best note taking experience.

Awesome for the Surface

So I was looking for a screen film or protector that can imitade a paperlike feel. There are many contributors for Ipads but not for Mikrosoft products. So when I finally found the doodroo protection film for my surface I was a little worried and thought to myself: What if there are no other options because it simply doesnt work the same way on the Surfaces and thats why there is not competion?

But I was wrong ! After I ordered it took less than a week to arrive ( I live in Germany). There are two screen protectors that arrived. So dont worry if you mess anything up.

The appliance was a breeze and after 10 minutes I was ready to go.

My surface looks way better then before, because of the matt finish it looks really good and clean. I'm using a surface pen with it and I have a tip from Microsoft that imitated the feel of an H pen/pencil.

Would recommend to everyone who uses their surface to take notes a lot. Before my surface felt like sliding on ice. Now I actually am able to write as fast as on paper. There are no accuracy issues whatsoever.

Just wow. In the picture that I attached you can see, some notes I took during a lecture, with oneNote.

doodroo for iPad
Mr. Serge Doyon

Superb product. Super-quick delivery. Thank you very much, Team Doodroo.


Pellicola ben fatta, sembra si disegnare su carta.


Davvero ottima pellicola che da una sensazione (e anche un suono) molto simile a quello della carta. La skin per l’apple pencil è piacevole e simpatica, ma mio gusto un po’ troppo “vistosa” nei colori

doodroo for iPad
Eleonora Parodi
Super pellicola

È la seconda volta che acquisto questa pellicola per ipad e mi trovo benissimo. Consigliatissima se come me utilizzate il vostro ipad come tavola grafica.

Excellent product.

Like the product very much.

Finalmente un prodotto innovativo ed economico

Disegnare su iPad pro è diventato finalmente piacevole come disegnare con carta e matita, non si potrà più farne a meno

doodroo for iPad
Luciano Saracino
Un accessorio importante

Uso la Apple pencil per scrivere musica professionalmente in specifiche App su iPad e devo dire che DooDroo è davvero commovente. La sensazione percepita è quella di scrivere con una matita su carta. Ottimo prodotto dunque, consigliatissimo ! Un unico neo da me rilevato ( …ma forse sono l’unico …? ) è una certa difficoltà di posa, nonostante generalmente io sia un bricoleur piuttosto esperto di lavoretti in generale e nonostante il video tutorial sia molto ben realizzato, ho faticato ad ottenere un risultato decente ( …qualche piccola bolla è rimasta, purtroppo … ).

Screen Protector for Onyx BOOX