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Linfeng Li (Ann Arbor, US)
Nice surface to write on with a Lamy pen (POM nib)

The native Boox Lumi 2 is a bit slippery to write on with Lamy pen. The Doodroo screen protector made a night-and-day difference by adding a lot more texture to the writing surface. The Lamy EMR pen with POM nib makes a good companion for the new writing surface :)

Van Savell (Corpus Christi, US)
screen protector that is easy to apply

I am as bad as at doing stuff like putting on screen protectors as anyone, but this system works pretty well and with the materials and directions I would same that if I can put a screen protector on with as few bubbles as possible then you can too.
The performance of the screen protector for writing on my boox nova 2 is very good. It is interesting that it makes the regular nibs on the onyx stylus have a nice pencil on paper feel. I also have a lumi pen and that experience is not as good as the glass. I had originally placed the onyx spring protector but used it very briefly. I had been using no protector for the last year. I have not been able to evaluate how long it lasts. My order has two so I suspect these will outlast the useful life of the device.

Carmen Watson (Ellicott City, US)
Great screen protector

I love the feel of this screen protector and the writing sound it makes. Way better than the screen protector that came with Boox Note 3. No problems with bubbles

Seogjoo Hwang (Los Angeles, US)

Screen Protector for Onyx BOOX

Charles Maidment (Rindge, US)
Awesome Screen Protector

Great writing feel. So much improved over native screen.