Draw your Tattoo on iPad

with the pleasure and precision of paper!

is the screen protector with the natural friction

The iPad finally becomes a true drawing sheet of paper. doodroo has managed to create a screen protector with the same resistance and sound of a pencil writing on paper. An extraordinary result that until now was dreamed by artists and writing enthusiasts, who, working on their iPads, needed a natural surface.

Before doodroo using the Apple Pencil offered a very different experience from paper. Being that the traction of the Pencil on the iPad screen was almost non-existent, due to its smooth surface. As a result, tattoo artists, students, teachers , doctors , and designers could not experience the same feeling of natural support, hence many shy away from the use of digital devices.

Laboratory tests have shown that Apple Pencil has a resistance of 0,24 whilst using a doodroo™. In comparison a pencil on paper has a resistance of 0,25, practically recreating the natural way to draw or write.

The doodroo film protects the iPad screen from scratches and thanks to it’s anti-glare surface, it’s usable under any light condition.The Apple Pencil has never felt so natural.

The film doodroo is fully functional not only with Apple Pencil but also with any compatible stylus.