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Tomasz Warda (Warsaw, PL)
Doodroo for Onyx Boox Note Air - great product!

The whole package contains 2 screen protectors (to have a spare one in case of making mistake while applying it on the screen at first try). All the instructions are clear and easy to follow and I managed to apply protection at first try- with no bubbles at all! Now writing on my Note Air is way more satisfying, to the point I actually WANT to use it for makin notes :) Great product, great job, doodro - many thanks.

Mark Stirling (Dingwall, GB)
Best screen cover

I have had mostly negative experiences with screen covers until now. Doodroo has transformed the experience of using my Boox Note Air and I could not be more pleased with it!

Linfeng Li (Ann Arbor, US)
Nice surface to write on with a Lamy pen (POM nib)

The native Boox Lumi 2 is a bit slippery to write on with Lamy pen. The Doodroo screen protector made a night-and-day difference by adding a lot more texture to the writing surface. The Lamy EMR pen with POM nib makes a good companion for the new writing surface :)

Van Savell (Corpus Christi, US)
screen protector that is easy to apply

I am as bad as at doing stuff like putting on screen protectors as anyone, but this system works pretty well and with the materials and directions I would same that if I can put a screen protector on with as few bubbles as possible then you can too.
The performance of the screen protector for writing on my boox nova 2 is very good. It is interesting that it makes the regular nibs on the onyx stylus have a nice pencil on paper feel. I also have a lumi pen and that experience is not as good as the glass. I had originally placed the onyx spring protector but used it very briefly. I had been using no protector for the last year. I have not been able to evaluate how long it lasts. My order has two so I suspect these will outlast the useful life of the device.

Carmen Watson (Ellicott City, US)
Great screen protector

I love the feel of this screen protector and the writing sound it makes. Way better than the screen protector that came with Boox Note 3. No problems with bubbles