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Gülhan Yanar (Bassum, DE)
Awesome for the Surface

So I was looking for a screen film or protector that can imitade a paperlike feel. There are many contributors for Ipads but not for Mikrosoft products. So when I finally found the doodroo protection film for my surface I was a little worried and thought to myself: What if there are no other options because it simply doesnt work the same way on the Surfaces and thats why there is not competion?

But I was wrong ! After I ordered it took less than a week to arrive ( I live in Germany). There are two screen protectors that arrived. So dont worry if you mess anything up.

The appliance was a breeze and after 10 minutes I was ready to go.

My surface looks way better then before, because of the matt finish it looks really good and clean. I'm using a surface pen with it and I have a tip from Microsoft that imitated the feel of an H pen/pencil.

Would recommend to everyone who uses their surface to take notes a lot. Before my surface felt like sliding on ice. Now I actually am able to write as fast as on paper. There are no accuracy issues whatsoever.

Just wow. In the picture that I attached you can see, some notes I took during a lecture, with oneNote.

LEe Jin Liang (Bayan Lepas, MY)
Excellent product.

Like the product very much.

Andrea Zippilli (Rome, IT)

Ottimo prodotto e tempi di spedizione rapidissimi. Consiglio il prodotto perché è molto valido.

Alessandro Pistella
You made me fall in love with the Surface again

doodroo elevates the Surface experience to a level no other film/tip combination has ever reached.
By applying the film to the screen the different Nibs (2H, H, HB and B) acquire a sense and become consistent with the feeling of writing; completely disappears the rubbery effect that characterizes the HB and B tips as well as the annoying "sliding on glass" effect of the H and 2H. It seems to write with a pencil of the hardness expressed, it is incredible.
The doodroo can give you the real feeling of writing on paper rather than simulating one; from my point of view it should be an integral part of the device from the factory.
You made me fall in love with the Surface again, congratulations!

Marco Nicolussi (Naples, IT)
doodroo per Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Prodotto ottimo, provato nell'uso quotidiano sembra davvero di scrivere sulla carta!