About us


I’m Annalisa Romita, Batch International SRLS founder, owner of doodroo brand, 30 years of experience in the Apple World and its accessories.

We in Batch Int. are focused to find and create solutions and products intended  or you who are, like us, an Apple user.

We have launched doodroo because iPad has become a product with more and more possibilities of use, together with the utility of Apple Pencil.

For some time, they are stepped into market some products that should solve the problem of lack of friction between the ApplePencil and iPad. In reality, these products have nothing precise!

So we started to analyse the problem and, finally, after 12 months of proofs, tests and prototypes we have the solution: our doodroo film, as certified by our satisfied customers who issued hundreds of reviews (verified).

About us:

I’m Annalisa and I worked as Production Manager for a popular brand of accessories 100% Apple dedicated, managing a team among Italy, China and Hong Kong that designed and produced more than 700 references.

In 2018, thanks to my experience, I founded this new company, with only one focus: finding and making solutions and products always intended for the Apple World.

Shortly after, in January 2019, Claudio Silvestri joined the Team. 

Claudio took his first steps in the Apple wWorld as early as 1990 as an Apple reseller, specialised in accessories. 

Over the years he worked as Sales Director of APStore, the first company in the world to affiliate the most important Italian Apple resellers, which over the years became Apple Premium Resellers.

Until in the last years he hold the position of General Manager of a pan-European company specialised in producing and distributing accessories in the main Apple Premium Resellers, and international players (Apple, Amazon, etc.). 

Claudio is one of the few in the world to hold five international patents in the field of iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch protections.

We, Batch Int. and its precious staff, are among the few experts present in the international market capable to assess and analyse the peculiarities of an accessory for the Apple World.

Before leaving us, if you still have time, we show you the FAQ and our answers.

Why the name doodroo?

Doodroo has been created by the union and contraction of two words: “to do” and “to draw”.

So it’s intended not only to graphics, illustrators, Tattoo artists, engineers, stylists and architects but even to whom, like students and teachers, use iPad and Apple Pencil as they were a notebook with a pencil.

Why the user should buy doodroo?

1) Because if you have an Apple Pencil and an iPad, you can’t give up the best solution that helps you to not miss manual skill you had when wrote on paper; 

2) Because we use only top quality materials: film of Japanese origin and the best glue on the market of Korean origin;

3) Because we use only plants that are compliant with BSCI standards including:

  • Involvement and protection of workers;
  • No discrimination;
  • Fair pay scales;
  • Reasonable working hours;
  • Health and safety workplace;
  • Prohibition of child labour;
  • Particular protection for young workers;
  • Prohibition of forced labour;
  • Environmental protection;
  • Ethical trade;

4) Because with doodroo you have a 100% satisfaction warranty;

5) Because with doodroo you have the certain to have a free support for any doubt, using all the common communications channels (email, telephone, social, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.);

6) Because doodroo has been created by people with more than 30 years specialised expertise;

7) Because doodroo is certainly the only solution to the friction problem!

With doodroo writing or drawing has never been so good!